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The Canon 7D Mark2 - Ownership review

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The Canon 7D Mark2 is THE camera if you’re into Wildlife or Fast action photography BUT it’s a great camera for Portraits and live event photography too!

I have upgraded from a Canon 600D and was sure that I needed a camera that had a fast shutter speed and pro-level features NOT because it was cool BUT because it was what my style of photography demanded. Fortunately, Canon drops this little beast; Lo and Behold! This camera had everything that a Canon 1DX or a Canon 5D Mark 3 had; save for the full-frame sensor.

Winning Features:-

Shutter speed – 10 fps is the party animal of this offering. It's fast enough to ensure that you don’t miss the action as its happening!

ISO – With a Native ISO going from 100 to 16000 you can be sure that even low light photography can be tackled with ease. I must add that even for a crop sensor; this one handles the low light shots pretty well. You can get usable shots even at ISO as high as 6400.

Dual Card slots – The camera has a slot of an SD and a CF card. For me, this makes sense since both have their pluses and you get to go with both at the same time.

All-metal Body – The camera has a full metal body making for a very durable and sturdy build quality but at the same time makes the camera little heavy but then you get to loose out on the flip screen.

GPS – You can embed the GPS and also the compass direction data in your images to know where you were located and what direction you faced to take a picture. This might not be the most used feature but come to think of it when you need this information; you can be sure it’s there.

Dual Digic 6 Processors – The camera comes equipped with 2 processors just to ensure that speed is never a factor in your creative endeavors.

Optical View Finder – This might be something that maybe too much to look in the view finder for some people. The way I see it; I can see everything I need to know without having to look away.

Weather sealing – I haven’t yet tried my camera out in bad weather but if I do get a chance (along with a weather-sealed lens of course!) I won’t have problems shooting since this has far-far better sealing than the 1DX!

New AF System and so many cross type AF points – I saved the best for the last! The camera’s AF system is way too good and responsive with several modes to choose from making sure you won’t miss the shot for sure. Adding to this is the fact that there are 65 cross type AF points that cover pretty much the entire frame. Try shooting something moving fast and erratic with this baby and you’re sure to catch it!

So what’s bad about this?

Thus far I have the ONLY bad thing I have found in this camera is that the battery back-up is really bad. It can go really low if used with flash or live view after 300 to 500 shots requiring you to either buy a grip or another battery.

So all said and done; who is this camera for really?

I’d dare say that this is a truly Pro level camera for all reasons and purposes notwithstanding the sensor size. This has all the features and speed of the 5D Mark3 and the 1DX cameras right from the AF system to noise performance. In fact, the AF points on the camera are more than the flagships and with very good performance. So in a nut shell; this camera is great for anyone who considers him/herself as a serious enthusiast or even a professional. The APS-C sensor gives an extra reach most ideal for sports and wildlife photographers. This is further supported by a great AF system and fast shutter speed.

Best wishes!

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